Beauty Blender

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  • Use to apply our Seamless Concealer
  • Flawless blending around the eyes and nose
  • Streak-free finish

 1⃣️Beauty Blender: Stomatal DensityDoes direct influence make up look accept post degree

Stomatal density is the primary index to evaluate the quality of beauty blender.A lot of people think that the more dense the better, but tried to find that too tight makeup beauty blender permeability and powder grip is poor, more difficult to push makeup.In other words, it's like a plastic bag.And Visual Elves beauty blendemagnified 10 times, the stomatal density is moderate, uniform arrangement, no different size.Smooth and comfortable to the touch, this kind of makeup Beauty Blender can make your makeup more clean and smooth!

2⃣️ Beauty Blender using "hydrophilic non-latex" materialImprove the speed of makeup and save powder

Latex powder puffs are easy to chip off after aging, and it is easy to cause allergies or injuries if they remain on the skin.And its biggest characteristic is to meet water invariable big, meet water invariable big, meet water invariable big (important thing say three times).Visual Elves beauty blender is made of a hydrophilic non-latex material, namely polyurethane.The material is latex free and odor-free, greatly reducing the risk of allergies.When you hold it in your hand, it's light and soft, and you can squeeze it with a little pressure, and it bounces back quickly, like a jellybean!In this way, you can better control the strength and extend the makeup, and you don't have to worry about deformation after a long time of use.Throw this beauty blender into the water, we can see that after absorbing water, its volume expands rapidly, can be said to be 1.5 to 2 times the original!After absorbing water, the beauty blender feels more soft than before, and the contact area with the skin is also larger, the speed of makeup is significantly faster, sleep a few more minutes a day, happiness is bursting!With such a Beauty Blender makeup, powder release force is good, concealer effect is stronger, and there will be no card grain card powder, the skin looks clean and delicate, this is not the girl are eager to, from the skin through the natural feeling of transparency.

3⃣️Do not eat powder" Beauty Blender Saving you money every day

A beauty blender is worth buying, must see their degree of eating powder ~ after all good beauty blender, can help us save the foundation liquid, direct money! We will just use the beauty blender directly, cut open big look, the residual liquid foundation only stays on the surface, and did not penetrate into.Well, she is a woman who knows how to live frugally.So, we must not buy the money of beauty blender for the sake of the province, and double returned with liquid of powdery bottom, the gain outweigh the loss!Finally, the assessment is: easy cleaning degree.This is definitely a plus!After all,beauty blender are used so frequently. If they are not washed well, in addition to tiredness, bacteria are also easy to remain. Direct contact with the skin will cause a variety of allergies and acne, acne and other problems.Density is even, do not eat powder beauty blender better wash.We pour a little makeup remover (cleaning liquid) into the water, gently rub, the water immediately become a lot of turbidity, and beauty blender also become clean.After cleaning, wash face towel to absorb moisture, breathable and dry quickly, need not worry about health problems again.

4⃣️Buy one, get two free

Visual Elves beauty blender family strong debutThere are a variety of beauty blender on the market, but in terms of actual use, only the following are the most practical.From today on, beauty blender [buy 1 get 2 free of any option] can meet all your daily makeup needs at one time ~ limited to 1000 copies, until you finish!


Meet your blending Beauty Blender! In a chic nude hue, and embossed with the Visual Elves logo, our velvety soft and squishy beauty sponge has all the right curves for flawless blending around the eyes and nose.

Pair our Beauty Blender, foundation, blush, and contour makeup for a truly airbrushed, streak-free finish.


For best results, dampen your Seamless Blender before use. Hold under running water for a few seconds before squeezing thoroughly to remove excess water. Tap and bounce your Seamless Blender across your skin to seamlessly blend out cream and liquid products.


To keep your sponge in perfect condition, clean it regularly with gentle soap and warm water, squeeze thoroughly and allow to dry on a clean towel.


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